Blog Submission Guidelines

Blog Submission Guidelines

Do you have something you'd like to share on the Disciples of Iron blog?  We are looking for guest bloggers to appear from time to time on our blog.  Our guidelines are outlined below.

What we Accept

  • Sometimes we look for specific topics, but generally we are always interested in articles about what motivates you, life in the military, life after the military, life experiences and over-coming obstacles, fitness health & nutrition, hunting or tactical, awards and accomplishments, relevant conferences and events.
  • We want original and unique content.
  • Your submission is exclusive to Disciples of Iron, so we don't allow reposting of the same article to your blog or another site, although we do encourage you to post a link to the guest article on your own blog.

Guest Post Format

  • Your name or nickname will be introduced in the first line as “Guest Post by”.
  • Article Text:  Web readers have short attention spans. Roughly 500-1000 words.
  • Author Byline – All articles need some information about you. We can link to your website or blog here, so don't forget to include those URLs.

How do I submit my article?

  • Send your article by email to
  • Attach article in Word format.
  • Attach author images with your article.  We are looking for a photo no larger than 200 pixels wide.  
  • Disciples of Iron will not send confirmation of every submission, but we will send you a link if your blog is published.


  • When will the article be published? Generally, we like to post to our blog on Friday mornings.
  • Do I get final say over how the article looks? All submissions may be edited by Disciples of Iron. 
  • Can changes be made after the article is published? Sure, if there are minor edits, just let us know.


  • You will need to read and answer readers' comments.  Having you, the guest author, answer comments add to credibility and better response.
  • You should promote your post on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumpleupon, even Pinterest allows pinning of posts.
  • You should post a link to your guest article on your own blog or website to inform your readers about your article.